I recently ran into some old friends who wanted to know how I was doing. The answer seems to always be the same lately – “I’m extremely busy.” With autumn having arrived at full speed, the crisp air has caused me to reflect on where I’m going, what I’m supposed to be doing, and how I’m […]

Sep 30, 2016


This day has been a long-time coming.  I actually can’t believe it’s here and have been in a confetti-tossing mood since the moment our new website has gone live!  The new and improved Tesora Photography website was the product of almost four solid months of effort and creation.  Rich and I learned so much by […]

Apr 11, 2016


Have you ever worked on something for so many hours, pouring your heart and soul into each little piece, perfecting each detail, but it still wasn’t exactly THERE yet?  That is exactly how I have felt the past few weeks, in the redesign of my new website.  I have studied for the bar exam, and […]

Mar 22, 2016


the list

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