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A strong relationship can withstand the test of distance and time.  Within that strength lies the love that motivates two people to stay together, knowing that their sacrifice will pay off even better than they ever planned.  This is the story of Alyssa and Alex, who stayed patient for almost five years of long distance dating, knowing that it would end up in the best way possible.

They met in college at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at the beginning of Alyssa’s junior year and Alex’s senior year.  The pair spent two years together, and after college decided to work hard to pursue their career goals, which ultimately created a long distance situation.  Alex moved to Queens, and Alyssa attended dental school in Connecticut.  This distance remained for almost 5 years.  However, looking back on it, Alyssa and Alex both feel that while long distance is definitely a test for a relationship, they knew they were investing in their future and would be together.  They were finally reunited geographically when Alyssa matched at Montefiore for her orthodontic residency program, and the two moved to Westchester together in 2013.

On June 6, 2015, everything changed.  It was an overcast day, and not the day one would pick for the beach.  But Alex was on a mission.  As the beach and water has such a strong significance to these two, Alex took Alyssa on a special boat ride across the bay to Cupsogue Beach near Moriches Inlet.  This location was very important because it is the same beach where the two would always go to when visiting Alex’s family.  Once anchored, the two walked together across the dunes to the ocean. (The weather actually turned out to their advantage because they had the whole beach to themselves!) As we got close to the inlet, Alex got down on one knee and proposed.  It was the perfect location for them to get engaged, and the celebration continued in Montauk.  (For those who don’t know Alex, I’ve never met a more enthusiastic fisherman in my life, excited about the ocean and what each new day will bring).
I cannot wait for their June wedding, which will be held on the water in Long Island and capture the things they love best.  (I should add that photographing their wedding is a huge deal for me personally, as Alyssa’s sister, Danielle, and I were best friends at sleep away camp years ago, and I feel so lucky that photography has reconnected me with this amazing family!)
For their engagement session, we ventured to Glen Island Park in Westchester, which has so much meaning as this was the town that reunited Alyssa and Alex after years of living apart.  Despite the call for “severe thunderstorms” I’d say we lucked out with this weather.


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Yes, Alyssa is this STUNNING despite strong winds on the water!

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The two then set up a beautiful Tuscan picnic on the dock – what a dream.

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