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When I first meet with potential wedding clients, one of the most important items of discussion is the engagement session. In my opinion, the engagement session is absolutely imperative and has so many benefits. In fact, I think it has such important value that all of my wedding collections that I offer include an engagement session. While some couples jump at the chance, others might be camera shy, and also wonder if the portraits are really necessary. Well, look no further – in this blog post, I will share with you what I share with all of my wedding couples: the top reasons, in my opinion, to do an engagement session.

1. Get to know your photographer.

I might know a couple for ten years, and STILL this holds true for an engagement session. Basically, there’s me, and there’s me as a photographer. The way I work, the authentic poses I recommend, and the direction I give are all things that you would only learn with firsthand experience. You can get to know my style and become comfortable before your wedding day. I can’t stress this point enough, as your wedding day should be as stress-free as possible. I LOVE it when on a wedding day, a couple almost poses themselves because they are already professionals!


2. Celebrate and cherish this moment for years to come.

This one might be the most obvious, but taking the time to document your engagement is something you will be thankful you did. Before kids, before marriage, during the months when you’ve made the decision to jump in, but are enjoying the excitement of it all. I still look at my own engagement photos ALL. THE. TIME. They also are taken in a moment when you can be creative, relaxed, and don’t have the pressure of a wedding day or a tight schedule over your head. These photos can decorate your home and remind you of a wonderful time in your life; there’s just no substitution for them.


3. Become comfortable in front of the camera.

I cannot tell you how many of my couples thank me for emphasizing the importance of engagement portraits for the sole reason that they become comfortable in front of the camera. I usually hear, “we are so awkward in pictures,” yet by the end of their session, they look like they’ve been doing this for years. This goes hand-in-hand with reason #1, because being comfortable at your engagement session means being comfortable in your wedding photos. It’s just that simple.


4.  Hair and makeup trials, anyone?

Ladies, this one is for you. There are about 392,739 moving pieces in wedding planning, so why not combine a few? I always encourage brides to get a hair and makeup trial for their engagement photos prior to their wedding. This has two benefits: 1) you get to try out two of the most important vendors on your wedding day, and 2) you will look AWESOME for your photos. Part of loving your photos is loving the way you look in your photos, so this is definitely a top suggestion I always give. The added bonus? You get to relax and be pampered the day of your engagement session. Many of my brides will have their hair blown out and try a style of potential wedding makeup that they like. It is a MUST.


5.  Save the dates!

Finally, you can use your professional engagement portraits for your Save the Dates. It’s such a nice thing to share with your friends and family and many people will appreciate it. With many engagements lasting over a year now, the Save the Dates are becoming increasingly important. Your engagement portraits add a personal touch that can’t be matched. It also gets people REALLY excited to celebrate with you at your wedding!


If you have any specific questions regarding a potential engagement session, I’m always here and happy to help you. They are my FAVORITE things and I am counting the days until my first session of 2017!


Carolyn of Tesora Photography is a New York & CT Wedding and Portrait photographer. Now booking 2017 and 2018 weddings. Available for travel.


  1. Britney says:

    Great tips! It was nice to have worked with our same photographer for both our engagement and wedding photos.

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