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I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions.  My hope for each New Year is usually that I just become a better version of myself and make positive decisions.  This year, however, is a little different.  After my last engagement session of 2015, I took a serious rest from the business to be able to enjoy my family and the holidays.  That mental break did more for me than I ever thought possible.  It turned off the tornado in my head that was running at 8,000 miles an hour.  When I returned to the business in January, my entire perspective changed.  I was focused and ready to bring on this year.  Here is what’s coming for Tesora Photography in 2016:

1) Shift my focus.  This year, I have made a commitment to focus mainly on couples.  With ten weddings set up for this year already, my heart feels overjoyed to be able to experience such a wonderful time in the lives of the bride and groom as they make a commitment to each other.  My schedule will also be filled with anniversary and engagement sessions, which I am psyched about.  While I am still taking on natural-light headshot clients and other types of clientele, celebrating the authentic love between two people will be my main focus.

2) Re-Branding.  This is going to be HUGE.  It’s time for me to reflect the type of photographer that I truly am through my marketing materials, website and logo.  Currently, this is not reflected through my brand and I’ve been so fortunate to work with others who are helping me shape this most important aspect of my business.  Longer blog post about this later to come, but I need to extend a huge thank you and note of gratitude to Tiffany Maxey of Tiffany Joyce Photography who, without me even describing what I was looking for, knows me so well that she designed the most stunning logo for my new brand.  When I saw what she designed, I was in tears; overwhelmed with the fact that my business dreams are really here, and equally overwhelmed with how lucky I am to have such special friends in my Shoot & Share group.   I’ve also been redesigning the website, which has been a gigantic endeavor and will allow me to set the proper tone for clients.  I am anticipating that in another month, we will be live!  I can’t wait to share everything with you!

3) Client Care.  I’ve already been hitting the ground running with this one.  Showing my couples how thankful I am for their belief in me has been on my priority list for a while, but it’s here now.  I’ve already been wrapping up goodies for my couples who have booked with me and truly know that there is a bond of friendship with them that is unique and special.

4) Partnership.  It’s official: I now have a full-time business partner, my husband, Rich.  I am grateful for his help both by being my second shooter (he really is something with a camera), but also my support system as the business flies.  Doing this together will bring twice as much happiness and success; more than I could have ever dreamed of.  (It’s also nice to look across the room after a long wedding and be happy that I got to spend the whole day with my other half).

5) Business Mentoring.  In a few short weeks, we will be taking the business to a completely different level than we ever thought possible.  I was lucky enough to secure a business-focused mentoring session with two of my favorite wedding photographers of all time, Ashley and Chris of Ashley Therese Photography.  Ashley and Chris were our wedding photographers, evolving into incredible friends, and now they are our official business mentors.  When I first met Ashley, I downplayed my obsession with photography because I felt like an imposter in the business.  We laugh at that now, because she has allowed me to be my most authentic self and finally pursue my dream.  We share a common bond and I’ve shed plenty of tears in front of these two enough to trust them fully with where we are headed with Tesora.  It will be hard work, but I can’t wait to report back one year from now after we have completed all of our action steps to make this thing REAL. 

(Photo taken last summer by  the best second shooter ever! Thanks, Rich!)
​Carolyn of Tesora Photography is a New York and CT portrait photographer, specializing in weddings, engagement, maternity & family.  
To inquire, click here.  Now booking portraits into February 2016 and 
weddings into Summer/ Fall 2016. 

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