A Love Note To My 2016 Couples


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To My 2016 Brides and Grooms:

It’s almost here.  The day you’ve dreamed of for most of your life is just around the corner.  The anticipation, the planning, the stress and the excitement around this one amazing and special day is so worth it.  Where do I begin?  First, can I just tell you how emotional and excited I am that we connected?  Thank you for seeing something in me that you couldn’t find elsewhere.  Thank you for wanting me to be the one to capture this for you.  Thank you for letting me experience such a monumental day with both of you and your loved ones. 

I remember my special day, all the advice I had received beforehand, and the two most important things someone else told me:
1) Take a moment, maybe ten minutes between the ceremony and reception, together with your new spouse alone and just reflect privately on this day.  Take a breath during that time amidst the chaos, away from the bridal party, parents, and vendors, and just realize that this is your MOMENT.  Cherish it. 

2) Never, ever leave each other’s side once the day begins.  Don’t “split up the tables” or divide and conquer.  You get one day.  One day to experience something magnificent side by side.  Your guests are there for YOU.  You are the guests of honor.  Enjoy the moments together.  Dance when you want to dance. 

Guys, I can’t wait.  I can’t wait to be there as a witness to something as incredible as the love that brought the two of you together.  My prayer is that when you are settling into your beautiful marriage, you can look back at the photos from your day and feel those feelings again.  Cheers to 2016, and to YOU.


(Counting the days until I get to spend the day with these two!  First engagement session of 2015 and first wedding of 2016.  April can’t come soon enough).

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