Dina and Jimmy: Kensico Dam Engagement


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If I know one thing for sure, it is that family is everything.  They are the ones who know you best, and the ones you can count on to have your best interests at heart.  When I heard that Dina and Jimmy ended up together because Dina’s brother, Joe, was good friends with Jimmy, it all made sense.  These two had the strength of family on their side, and it isn’t hard to see that something so wonderful came out of such a strong foundation.

When it came time to propose, Jimmy made sure it was a moment that Dina would never forget.  He waited for Dina to be out visiting family, completely unaware of what was happening behind the scenes. She had no idea that Jimmy was setting up their apartment, lining the hallways with roses and stuffed animals that they had collected throughout their relationship.  Dina came home, shocked to find that at the end of the line of roses was her soulmate, waiting with penguin wedding cake toppers in one hand, and a letter had had prepared in the other.  He read the letter and did not hesitate to ask her the question that would make her his partner forever.  Fast forward a few months later – the two are preparing for a beautiful fall wedding, surrounded by their friends and family celebrating this awesome time with them.

For their engagement session, we ventured to Kensico Dam in Westchester, which had some incredible structures and gorgeous light.  Dina brought us up to the top of the dam as well, which was incredibly cool.  Getting to know these two has been an awesome experience for me and I am so happy for them to be starting such a beautiful life together.  Below are just a few from our day together.

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