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There are certain people who you come across in life who are just good, solid, courageous and caring individuals.  These people are examples for others and leave the world a slightly better place.  Kelly has always, always been one of those people to me.  She and I met at Loyola College in Maryland over ten years ago.  I remember coming into Loyola as a freshman, and knowing Kelly’s name within minutes of being on campus.  She was one of the leaders of the student body, and her infectious smile and warm welcome made it a little bit easier to be away from home.  Kelly’s dedication as a friend is something that I will take with me forever and have appreciated her as a prime example of a strong, confident woman who is also generous, kind, and one of the most thoughtful people I know.

You can imagine my excitement when I had learned that Kelly had met an incredible man years later who would ask her to marry him.  After hearing the story of how they met, I can only describe their first encounter as a true “kismet” situation.  Their first date was on a Monday, and by Friday, Kelly just knew. They clicked like no other.  I cannot explain in words how fortunate I felt to be able to meet Dan and get to know him, seeing him interact with my old friend.  He is absolutely perfect for Kelly, appreciating all of her fully.  I cannot imagine someone better for Kelly and I am so happy for both of them.

For their engagement photos, we ventured to the historic Bemelmans Bar in the Carlyle Hotel for a little while, and then walked through Central Park.  Bemelmans Bar is named after Ludwig Bemelmans, the creator of the “Madeline” children’s books.  (Bemelmans himself painted the murals on the walls in exchange for accommodations inside the Carlyle in the 1940s).  When we arrived in Central Park, Kelly and Dan were able to show me the exact spot where Dan asked her to marry him, a beautiful wooden park bench tucked away from the busy New York City traffic.  Here are just a few from that unseasonably warm February day.  Kelly and Dan, it was an absolute honor.

After the Carlyle, we began walking to Central Park…
Caught this stunning moment in the exact spot that these two got engaged.
This next one.  “Timelessly elegant” is a serious understatement.
I ADORE this photo of Kelly!  It captures her loving, happy and beautiful personality perfectly.
Engagement Session Details:
Special Thanks to the Caryle Hotel staff
​& Bemelmans Bar

Gown ~ Catherine Deane
Central Park, New York, New York
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