To My Sister on Her 27th Birthday.


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Today, the girl who is my rock turns 27.  There is never a day that she isn’t there, my very own built-in cheerleader, my best friend.  She has grown so much, but one thing remains true about Elizabeth: she always stays faithful to her roots.  My brother and I appreciate and love pretty much every quirky thing about her.  She can harmonize beautifully with any song, she has watched the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series more times than can be counted on six hands, and she reads.  And reads.  And reads.  (She actually got in trouble one Thanksgiving when she was 8 years old because she was reading under the table – true story).

Elizabeth, on your 27th birthday, I can’t pinpoint the one moment we became best friends.  But our friendship can probably be best identified by recounting the time we flew to Lago di Como the month before you turned 21 when I was living in London.  I spoke near-fluent Italian, but you were the courageous one, befriending the 80-year-old woman who helped us find our way.  I’m leaving a lot out of that ridiculous story, but the takeaway is this: you inspire me every single day because you aren’t afraid of pushing boundaries, standing up for yourself, and doing the “right thing.”  Matthew, Mom, Dad and I love you so much.


The photo above is SO significant; it was taken at my very first portrait session years ago.  Thanks for being there from Day 1.


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