Brigantine: My Second Home.

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have been lucky enough to have a place to escape to, letting all of the stress from everyday life fade away. My grandparents would take us each summer to little-known Brigantine Beach in southern New Jersey for some relaxation, fun and family bonding. I remember greeting my grandmother at the door to her little perfect beach condo, the familiar smell of the ocean air welcoming us as we let everything fall away. It was in Brigantine that I got to ride in my aunt’s convertible with the top down for the first time, it was in Brigantine where I learned to love music in a way that I cannot describe in words, and it was in Brigantine where I celebrated my summer birthday with my family every year.

Fast forward years later, and I have even more gratitude for this “second home” than ever before. My days have gotten more stressful, but the soft sand of Brigantine remains the same. With both Rich and my family venturing to Brigantine, it has brought a sense of togetherness with our group that I am so thankful for. My grandparents’ smiling faces no longer greet me when I arrive, but I know in my heart that they are there with me and the reason I feel so at peace when I visit.

During my last visit, I was able to photograph one of my favorite Creatives, our cousin Lianna.  Lianna has a stunning voice, and taught herself how to play guitar. She practices constantly and pushes her limits each day to improve in her craft. My brother-in-law, Tom, was an amazing part of this session, as we discussed light, angles, and other nerdy photography concepts. He took some AMAZING photos and is truly awesome. I cannot wait to work with him again.  Here are just a few from my “second home.”


Tom photographed this next one by standing on the walkway ledge.  Love!2016-06-09_00032016-06-09_00042016-06-09_00052016-06-09_00062016-06-09_00072016-06-09_00082016-06-09_00092016-06-09_0010


Carolyn of Tesora Photography is a New York & CT Wedding, Engagement and lifestyle portrait photographer.

  1. Lisa says:

    Incredibly amazing talent you has thank you for capturing these photos in our happy place

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