Hudson River Waterfront Engagement: Danielle & Rob

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What if your soulmate was someone who you have known most of your life, but didn’t realize it until later on? What if the person that you are meant to be with and share life’s journey with was actually in front of you the whole time? This is the love story of Rob and Danielle. They grew up together in the same class, had mutual friends, teachers and experiences. However, it would take over ten years for them to circle back and rediscover that they were in fact, destined to be together.

Being the one to photograph their engagement session in May and wedding (next month!) is a blessing for me that I really cannot explain in words to you. Danielle and Rob were in my brother’s class growing up and I have such fondness for the entire group. As Danielle and I grew into our 20s, we worked side by side as committee members for our town’s Relay for Life. Her family became part of mine, and I love them all dearly. We have shared laughter and tears, and now I get to experience a day of pure joy for these two.

For their engagement session, we ventured to the Peekskill waterfront on the Hudson. We met up at Peekskill Brewery and made our way to the park, where Danielle’s AMAZING daughter, Madison met us for some fun. I tried so hard to do this family’s love justice and I can’t wait for their wedding day.

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Madison came and joined in the fun!



Ok so, it’s safe to say that Rob and Madison are two peas in a pod.



Danielle, I look up to you as a Mom in ways that are indescribable.




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