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I recently ran into some old friends who wanted to know how I was doing. The answer seems to always be the same lately – “I’m extremely busy.” With autumn having arrived at full speed, the crisp air has caused me to reflect on where I’m going, what I’m supposed to be doing, and how I’m getting there. When you feel like you’re walking on a tight rope in a delicate balance somewhere in between work, family, health, hobbies, friends, and self-care, you can only go so long before you realize that the only place you want your feet to be is firmly on the ground.

That being said, I’ve hit an awesome point of reflection and realization that this Fall, I’m pressing the reset button and dedicating my time to things that I’ve neglected to take care of, like myself, my family, and my friends who I miss dearly. While I have taken on some awesome photography passion projects that I CANNOT wait for, I have made the executive decision to slow down, work on finishing and delivering the stunning weddings from this summer, and really enjoying this season while taking a deep breath. For those who haven’t heard, we are FINALLY making one big dream come true and adopting the most beautiful pup I have ever seen! He is coming to us Columbus Day and is already such a part of my heart. I can’t wait to take lots and LOTS of photos of him and frame them all over my house!

Thank you to those who have supported me through wedding season this year, for understanding that I can’t be there on Saturday nights, or for long talks like I used to. You are part of why my dream has come true and I appreciate you so much.


Meet Pancake! This is the first photo we received of him. So in love!


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