Beckwith Pointe Wedding: Danielle & Rob


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She sat quietly with Madison as they opened their surprise boxes from Rob – two matching necklaces and Danielle’s “something blue” was a total surprise to both of them. I will never forget spending the morning with Danielle as she prepared for her biggest day. When Madison was surprised that she, too, would get a wedding gift from Rob, she was reminded that “this is the day when Rob is marrying Mom, but also you.” It was the perfect way to describe to one of the best five-year-olds I have ever known that Rob would become part of her family.

I grew up with both Danielle and Rob and remained close with Danielle’s family after graduating from college. They have always been a source of strength and support for me personally, and the honor that it was to capture this day was indescribable. When the two of them reconnected through Rob’s brother years after high school, it didn’t take long to recognize how special the other person was. Watching Rob protect Danielle and Madison and fit seamlessly into their family has been one of the best experiences. I am grateful to know both of them and to have photographed their Beckwith Pointe Wedding.  Here are some favorites from the day.


Oh, Madison…2016-09-26_00062016-09-26_00072016-09-26_00082016-09-26_00092016-09-26_0010

Pure shock for her something blue!

Danielle, you are GORGEOUS!

Loved these girls!

This mirror shot was so much fun 🙂 !2016-09-26_00362016-09-26_00372016-09-26_00382016-09-26_00392016-09-26_00402016-09-26_00412016-09-26_00422016-09-26_00432016-09-26_00442016-09-26_00452016-09-26_00462016-09-26_00472016-09-26_00482016-09-26_00492016-09-26_00502016-09-26_00512016-09-26_00522016-09-26_0053


This next photo was everyone who graduated from Yorktown – yes, we joined in! Thanks to Rob Garrigan for this shot!2016-09-26_00592016-09-26_00602016-09-26_0061



Photography –  Tesora Photography

Venue – Beckwith Pointe, New Rochelle, New York

Church – St. Patricks, Yorktown, New York

Hair –  Lorese Salon

Makeup – Ashley Lauren Beauty Lounge


Carolyn of Tesora Photography is a New York & Connecticut Wedding, Engagement and Anniversary Photographer. Booking weddings into 2017. Available for travel.


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