A Year in Review: 2016 Tesora Weddings


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Needless to say, 2016 was a HUGE year for Tesora Photography and weddings. There is nothing in this world like a wedding day. From the moment you wake up that morning to the very end of the day, the excitement and anticipation is indescribable. The one thing that all of my couples have in common is their gratefulness on their big day for the family and friends that have gathered to celebrate the most joyous occasion. It was a feeling that I had on my own wedding day, and so I am beyond thankful that my brides and grooms feel the same way. Photographing their day from the time they are getting ready all the way to cake cutting truly feeds my soul and it’s just THE best.

I wouldn’t have been nearly as successful this year if it weren’t for my second photographers. My main man, Rich, has been there for most weddings this year and will continue to be by my side in 2017. Rich, thank you for all of the hours you have put into this business, for believing in me, and for all the fun we have had this year. One of my favorite memories was you orchestrating Alyssa and Alex’s first look. You and I were so excited, and you were such a leader in that moment. Thank you.

My other two second photographers this year, my sister Elizabeth, and Kim of Kim Gigante Photography were also phenomenal. Both of these outstanding women were such an asset to me because they weren’t afraid to approach members of the wedding party and guests to make sure they caught the perfect moment. Your help was so invaluable to me this year and I cannot thank you enough.

Lastly, to my 2016 couples: you guys were a dream come true. Your love for one another is exactly why I do what I do, and being part of your wedding day was hands down the highlight of my year. Thank you so, so much. Here are some favorites as we wrap up the year.


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