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Each year, usually around the end of wedding season, many of us suffer from what is known as “creative burnout.” We are tired, our brains are fried, and we need a spark of inspiration. For the second year in a row, I’ve decided to combat this feeling with a Passion Project, and set up a day of “stress free” fun. This year, my dear friend Kim of Kim Gigante Photography, my brother-in-law Tom of Twin Knolls Media, and I set out on a very chilly November day together.  Tom chose the location, a desolate area filled with marsh and dead trees, kind of an anomaly in our area.  It was a dreary day, which we used to challenge ourselves.  We jumped over tree trunks, tried different lenses, worked with reflectors to combat the harsh shadows, and had an absolute blast.  Our models, Jacqueline and Nicolette, were absolute fabulous and the five of us ended up having a fantastic time. Kim, Tom and I were shouting out shutter speeds, apertures, and switching out lenses back and forth.  It was by far the best thing the three of us could have done to cap off the season, and gave us some serious freedom to do whatever we wanted.  Here are some favorites from the day.

Here were some of our favorite “behind the scenes” images:

And lastly, here is yours truly setting up a shot – thanks for this one, Tom!


Carolyn of Tesora Photography is a New York & CT Wedding and Portrait Photographer.  Now booking 2017 and 2018 weddings.

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