A Love Note to Our Sweet Pancake.

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One year ago on a snowy night, you were just a thought in our minds. “Wouldn’t it be so great to get a dog?” This thought soon turned into a mission. We knew that the transition from just us to a puppy would be difficult, challenging and a learning curve like no other. So we waited, we researched, and we started dreaming you up. For a while, we thought that maybe it was just a fun thought, rather than something that would actually happen. Fast forward to September of this year. I was lost, I needed you and as luck would have it, I found you. Our application was approved within 24 hours, and a day after that, I found out that you would be coming home to me.

Pancake, you made us a family. You have no idea how you have changed my own life, giving me an ever-constant buddy, ready to give kisses at a moment’s notice or play around. You are hilarious, smart, and the sweetest pup we could have ever asked for. I am truly thankful that you came home. That happy wagging tail truly has saved me in the worst of times, and for that, I am forever grateful.


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