Florida Destination Engagement: Michelle & Justin


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I sat down about six times to write this blog post and I honestly didn’t know where to begin. Michelle and Justin’s entire journey has been something I have been blessed to witness from the beginning, and I cannot believe how lucky I have been to be able to watch it all unfold.

Michelle and Justin found their way back to each other just at the right moment. They were great childhood friends years ago when they volunteered with the youth group at Michelle’s church, and Justin always remained as a special person in Michelle’s heart. They both grew up, lived their lives, and at the perfect moment, found each other again years later. I remember that Justin was impressed with Michelle’s ability to hold onto important moments. He reached out to her, needing her in that time of his life as much as she needed him, and God had brought them together at the perfect moment.

From my end, I had prayed for a long time that my dear friend Michelle would meet someone worthy of the person she is to spend her life with. She is such a gift to others that I knew it had to be someone as special as Justin. The two took a leap of faith and moved to San Francisco two and a half years ago, and started the life they had always dreamed of for themselves.

When Justin told us he was going to propose, he wanted Michelle’s loved ones around to celebrate with them. He chose the perfect spot, Disney, where Michelle’s family had nothing but happy memories. Watching Michelle’s face as Justin got down on one knee was something I will never forget. I am certain that it was the most shocked anyone has ever been at any point in history. No, I’m not exaggerating. You can imagine Michelle’s surprise when four of us popped out of a bush (quite literally) in the middle of Disney World right after her proposal. We were able to celebrate with Michelle, Justin and their families for the weekend, and it was just what all of us needed.

We spent some time doing their engagement portraits in the perfect Florida weather, with the Polynesian and Grand Floridian Hotels as the backdrop for their portraits. I can’t wait to see them again and celebrate their beautiful wedding soon!


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