NYC to Stamford Engagement: Jackie & Alex


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If there were ever two people who were meant to meet, fall in love, and walk through life together, it is Jackie and Alex. When Jackie’s job took her across the country to Connecticut from Arizona, it wouldn’t be long before she was swept off her feet by Alex, the funny, outgoing and caring guy that she was destined to meet. After dating for several years and commuting together into NYC, Alex surprised Jackie out of the blue one day and told her they were going to the airport. Not knowing where she was going and without much of a bag packed, the two set out for Jackie’s home in Arizona. She was completely floored when not only did the plane arrive across the country, but there was a special hike up a mountain where Alex would propose. When Jackie thought that the surprises were done, she was greeted by all of her friends at the bottom of the mountain who Alex had brought in to celebrate that day with them.

For their engagement session, the ultimate goal was to visit those places that were most important to Jackie and Alex. The three of us started in Grand Central, where they commute to everyday, and went by train up to Stamford and ended on the beach. I had such an awesome time getting to both of them better and feel very lucky to be a part of this awesome journey with them. Their wedding next year is sure to be absolutely stunning and I can’t wait! 2016-08-25_0004 2016-08-25_0003 2016-08-25_0001 2016-08-25_0002 2016-08-25_0005 2016-08-25_0006 2016-08-25_0007 2016-08-25_0008 2016-08-25_0009 2016-08-25_0010 2016-08-25_0011 2016-08-25_0012 2016-08-25_0013 2016-08-25_0014 2016-08-25_0015 2016-08-25_0016 2016-08-25_0017 2016-08-25_0018 2016-08-25_0019 2016-08-25_0020 2016-08-25_0021 2016-08-25_0022 2016-08-25_0023 2016-08-25_0024 2016-08-25_0025 2016-08-25_0026 2016-08-25_0027 2016-08-25_0028


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